Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Shuteye - Ridge - Random Climbing

Things have been fairly quiet since I returned from Peru. I needed a good solid rest period, so I have not been doing any major rock climbing or mountaineering. 

Penny enjoying herself at Weaver lake

My adventure psych had been a little bit down lately. I think maybe a combination of  -, having my very psyched partner Troy move away, hitting a plateau in my rock-climbing, and being stressed and super busy at work have impacted my fire for adventure.

On the plus side, I have been spending lots of time with Teresa. We have been out hiking a bunch (Nellie Lake, Twin Lakes, Weaver Lake etc) and we have been tramping around Shuteye Ridge, doing a bit of cragging.

Back in August, we went out to Lost Eagle, which was a gem of a climbing area.

spending time with wife
 There was some terrific runnel climbing, as well as some delicate slab climbing. Very fun!

Runnel climbing

 However, the best part of Lost eagle, isn't actually the climbing, but rather the amazing swimming holes!

Swimming holes!

Teresa enjoying the swimming holes.
 I have also brought a few people out on multi-pitch adventures at Big Sleep. James and I climbed Big Sleep twice back-to-back, the runnel wall below Crocodile, and the Milky way wall in a very enjoyable weekend. On another occasion, Jeff, the kindred spirit I met in Peru, paid a short visit and we climbed Big Sleep together.

Teresa and I also spend a day up at Crocodile, which had amazing, steep climbing.

No slabs here

Teresa shows me how its done

Penny also shows me how its done
 The place had really nice views, I will have to go back to complete some projects

Great views..

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