Sunday, April 2, 2017

Waterfalls and Sport Climbing

Teresa and I had an enjoyable long weekend. All of my normal climbing partners were wither working or busy so it was just the two of us. We decided to mix it up and do some hiking on one day, and then climbing on the other. 

For our hike, we opted for the Waterfall trail in Yosemite. I have done it 3 times before, and Teresa has done it once before, but we have not done it in a high snow year when the water is flowing like crazy!

Its a great moderate trail 2700' of elevation gain in 3.5 miles. Steep enough to be interesting, but short enough that it does not take all day. Perfect

Yosemite - crowded - but amazing views. Half-dome with Mt Clark in the back

The trail was crowded, but not overly so. I am always amazed by the many types of people you see on the trail - Little kids, people in their 80s, people who are do out of shape - but trying their best, nursing mothers, college kids - all shapes and sizes. Everyone out to enjoy the challenge of a strenuous hike with amazing views. 

Of the views...

Oh ya!
Near the top there was some snow, nice and consolidated, but probably several feet thick. Its going to be a while before it all melt!

We topped out after about 80 min of hiking. We sat at the top and enjoyed the sunshine, our lunch and the views for about 40 min. So very relaxing. 

Teresa enjoys the top of the waterfall trail
We headed back down, and were home in time for diner. Fresno might not be the nicest city to live it, but its pretty amazing I can drive to such a spectacular place for a day, whenever I want! I really love living here for that reason!

Gratuitous waterfall shot
Sunday was rock climbing day and we headed for Danland. It is rapidly becoming one of my favourite place to climb. Its very quiet, its scenic, and the climbing is often very interesting and unusual. 

I have never been much of a "project" climber, and I rarely push my limits while leading. I thought I would give the process a shot and try to climb a very aesthetic 5.12 that Micheal and I have attempted a few weeks ago. 

First up, was a warm-up - Indian Walk, a 5.10 trad climb. It was interesting to say the least. Some bad rock, tricky traversing, I was almost redlining on my warm-up! Good climb though, exemplifies what I like about Danland - unusual, interesting climbs

Start of Indian Walk

Teresa raps off of Indian Walk

Then it was over to Lizard Run, a bolted 5.12 slab/crack - very hard - every more was 5.10 or harder, a series of finger locks, then a roof, then more finger locks. 

I gave it my best - I fell on lead maybe 10-12 times, but eventually made it to the chains. I did another burn on top rope, and it basically killed me for the day.

Leading Lizard Run

It was a really good exercise for me to try something so hard and above my ability. I am really happy that I am reaching a place in my climbing where I can be comfortable trying something where I know for a fact I am going to fall multiple times. I am psyched to be finally pushing through a very long plateau in my climbing

Sweet! I am psyched!

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