Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Family Time in Vegas

Thanksgiving weekend is welcome respite for us academic folks, and not being American, for us its a great time to get out of town for some fun!

Last year we went to Zion, this year we met up with my parents and my brother and his partner for a relaxing weekend of fun in Las Vegas. 

We rented a nice big house, and met up with the family for the weekend. Good times! 

Another weekend in the desert.
We had a super fun, we started out with a couple of days did a  rock climbing in Red Rocks - banging out a few easy trad climbs and sport climbs.

Kyle running it out a nice easy crack

Someone is having fun!

Fun days in the Calico Hills

I'm all grace ;)

Panty Wall!
We spend out evening eating way too much food, drinking too many beers, playing skip-bo....

We even hit up the hot tub one night. 

Hot tub time machine?
Unlike the many other times I have been to Vegas, where all I did was climb, we got to do some other things. We drove up north and checked out Mt Charleston. It was an interesting place, we did a great moderate hike into a limestone slot canyon. Pretty neat!

Mom and Dad, psyched for some hiking!

"cool" canyon
We also checked out the Hoover Dam. More interesting than I was expecting. Next time, bring a high-sky ball to bounce down the dam!


Dam! That's a big bridge back there

Good company

It was a great weekend! So nice to have the family together!

Until our next adventure!

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